Drudge Trolls Media, Bypasses Censorship Firewall

The gauntlet has been thrown down and Free Speech is on the line

By Infowars.com Monday, August 06, 2018

Colossal news aggregator Drudge Report bypassed media censorship of Alex Jones and Infowars by linking directly to the radio host’s live emergency broadcast.

On Monday, the widely-trafficked DrudgeReport.com site prominently featured a link to Alex Jones’ live transmission, broadcast Sunday through Friday at infowars.com/show.

The news behemoth’s massive influence pushed Infowars’ traffic to new heights, bypassing efforts by tech social media giants to stifle Alex Jones’ forbidden information.

Drudge’s epic trolling of the Left underscores his ability to get real information directly to the people.

While Facebook, Apple and YouTube have banned Infowars without providing evidence or examples of offending content, Drudge offers readers an opportunity to hear Alex Jones’ voice and decide for themselves.

Matt Drudge’s ability to reach the people directly is why the Left fears and loathes him and the massive news empire he created, which allows him to steer narratives the establishment are so desperate to control.

Watch Alex Jones’ live Monday broadcast discussing Infowars’ censorship:

Alex Jones


9:14 AM – Aug 6, 2018

Alex Jones @RealAlexJones

World Exclusive Alex Jones Responds To Being Banned From The Internet


Drudge visited the Infowars studios in October 2015 to warn about the impending social media censorship:



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