MUST WATCH VIDEO – Omar Navarro Takes Action By Resigning As Traffic Commissioner… OFFICIAL STATEMENT: I expect it. It’s like getting blocked by the Republican party on Twitter… 


I expect it. It’s like getting blocked by the Republican party on Twitter. When a person isn’t on-board with signing up for Team Corrupt, this is what happens. You get shut out. Omar’s direct and immediate response to actions taken by the City Council of the City of Torrance, California, is to resign effective immediately.

Recently, I was made aware of a partisan political effort to oust me from the Torrance Traffic Commission, a position I was appointed to last year. As a resident of Torrance for over 14 years and graduate of West Torrance High School, it has been a great privileged and honor to serve our community. Traffic is something that effects us all equally, no matter our politics or socio-economic status. While I remain focused on defeating corrupt career politician Maxine Waters, I will not let radical political activists disrupt the important work of the Torrance Traffic Commission. As such, I am resigning from the commission, effective immediately.

Omar is taking the action of resigning from his position at Traffic Commissioner because it has been made clear that he would have to compromise his values and not speak out against the corruption happening to him to keep it. And, Omar Navarro is about taking action, not compromising his values. So, he has resigned as Traffic Commissioner (effective immediately).

Now, Omar Navarro is both less and more of a problem for the City Council of the City of Torrance. That’s the kind of actual, real-life action Omar Navarro has taken and will continue to take in his fight to win against Maxine Waters and #MaxinesMinions.

The attached video clearly shows the fight I’m in to win. And, I need your help. Thank you all for your continued support. I am taking action, fighting and winning for you. They want the public to believe that we are “one person” – a “fringe movement” – or a “semi-official designation” – when this is only true in their eyes because they live in fantasy land. Welcome to reality. I’m here to win, not bow to your demands for silence.


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