Ten Patriots stand against anarchy incit

Ten Patriots stand against anarchy incited by the traitor globalists, the elite, the left, the mainstream media & dumbed down snowflakes. Thousands are wrong because they have not done their homework and are willing to throw YOUR children into the hands of rapists, murderers and mongrols. READ THE ACTUAL LAW BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH YOU IDIOTS! Seven countries banned and bombed DAILY by your precious Obama, where were your outcries then? Oh yah, your masters didn’t flip the proverbial switch to turn you into the zombie apocalypse. The walking dead. That is what all of it is about. The millenials, the lost generation, the punch drinking headline believers, the non-patriots, the non-nationalists, the traitors of America are like pigs lead to the cliff by their own stupidity. #BuckleUpSnowflakes the fun is just beginning and your days are definitely numbered. You’ll fall to the wayside like the sands of time, your voice will dissipate into the muck and your existence will have been inconsequential other than the a need fulfilled that helped raise the consciousness of humanity. Snowflake’s ONLY purpose is to show the rest of us the gravity and depth of the evil running rampant on this planet and how close we were to losing it all. It’s over now. America is worth saving but not until we honor our laws, respect life and each other. Only then will these snowflakes and their masters be shed from the annals of history as bought and paid for anarchists, the usurpers of the darkest days of humanity right here, right now and all will be vanquished. America will be great again! It is our future! Now fight for it America! http://ow.ly/B1Li308usMy


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