BLM Hired to Stop The Election – Will yo

BLM Hired to Stop The Election – Will you let it? @CharlotteRiots that’s no protest with 70% of outsiders coming in to incite more violence. The globalists want to stop Trump by stopping this election! He has a target on his back if that plan does not work and that means Americanism has a target on it’s back. What are you going to do about it? Regardless if Hillary makes it the next 44 days or not, it won’t matter who the Dems put in, the Dems are the problem because they are being pushed by their masters – the globalists. #WakeUpAmerica

The Globalists will never stop trying un

The Globalists will never stop trying until we stop them permanently. They know we are shutting down TPP & TTIP so what do they do?
…”Successful opposition mounted to TPP and TTIP by a broad spectrum of actors – from movements, to farmers, to elites – means the neo-liberal lobby now places its hopes in TiSA as the vehicle for rewriting global rules and for securing a charter of corporate rights behind closed doors.”
Americans you must read this document to see what they are trying to do to us! This is no joke and these are some sick psychos trying to rodeo us all into pens. #NotOnMyWatch #StopTTIP #StopCorporateRule #HumansShouldBeFree